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RINNY’S NEWS - December 2012

Hi everyone!

We finally got our first big snow in Boulder, so I’m writing this whilst bundled up by the fire and counting down the days until I head home to Oz. I’m excited to spend Christmas with my family - especially the littlest family members - and a whole heap of hot weather and sunshine. I’ve been hard at work playing Santa’s helper, loading my bag with pressies - something I’m sure I’ll pay extra for at flight check-in!

Tim’s going back east to spend the holiday with his family, then in January he’ll meet me in Oz to kick into full-on training mode. We’ll build our base fitness in Noosa again this year, and look forward to lots of great training sessions (and BBQ’s) with our Noosa neighbors Greg and Laura Bennett as well as Belinda and Justin Granger and the rest of the Sunshine Coast crew. The apartment we’re renting has plenty of extra space for family to visit, so no excuses everyone!!

We’ll stay there until it’s time to head back to the States, stopping en route in Puerto Rico for the San Juan 70.3 on March 17th. Tim convinced me to race there with him and I have to say I’m really looking forward to it - the photos are stunning! After that I’ll race one of my all-time favorites, the 70.3 in Oceanside (March 30th). Then it will be back to home base in Boulder to train at altitude and sort out the rest of the season’s start lines. I’m eyeing a few Olympic distance events and have committed to race St. Anthony’s on April 28th. Other than that my plans are still in flux, except for one sure thing: my 2012 Ironman Florida finish guaranteed that I don’t have to do another full Ironman until October 12th!

I do have another endurance event of sorts to tackle, though: wedding planning! Who knew it would be so much work? But I have to say, the minor stresses are totally smoothed over by excitement about the big day. With every decision made there are more butterflies added to the collection in my stomach - and I love that feeling! A big milestone was choosing my dress, which I did just a few weeks ago. I had a blast shopping with my friends (and fashionistas) Mary Miller and Amanda Lovato, and I’m super excited about my final choice. It’s also a huge relief, as I was a bit nervous I wouldn’t feel the overwhelming urge to “say yes to the dress” before leaving Boulder. If you’ve never been in the market for a wedding dress you wouldn’t know this, but apparently it will take up to six months to customize the dress the way I want it and allow for alterations. If I had waited until I returned to Boulder in May we might have had to delay the wedding!!

As it is, we’re aiming for an early December ceremony (yes, in just shy of a year I’ll be Mrs. O’Donnell!, well sort of I’m keeping my name for the time being), though we haven’t yet locked in the date. It’s tough to find a time that works perfectly for everyone, especially with family and friends traveling from around the globe. Our main goal is to make sure those people can be here to share the day with us and enjoy a really great time, so we’re still working on when best to do this thing. But I’m confident we’ll get it squared away soon - one item to check off the massive to-do list!

That’s it for news for now - except to wish all of you a safe, joyful and super festive holiday and a Happy New Year!!

- Rinny