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I am honoured to be sponsored by companies that have such fantastic products and such dedicated and passionate staff. I am also incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped me. Without your support, I would not be able to compete as successfully as I have done. Thank you all for making my life that much easier.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsors for Mirinda Carfrae get excellent exposure for their business/company. Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for Mirinda Carfrae? Contact PCH Sports at or on how you can become part of the team.

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HOKA ONE ONE is the fastest growing running shoe company in the world. Why? Because their shoes allow your feet to move naturally with maximum comfort. The product is innovative and I can’t wait to give them a test at the Ironman World Championships. The shoes are light which gives the sensation that you’re running slightly above the ground. Why run when you can fly?

Built With Chocolate Milk

As an IRONMAN athlete, consistency in training and avoiding injury is critical. I rely on chocolate milk to replenish what I have lost in sweat during my toughest workouts so I can get back to training quickly.  The Milk team is always there to greet me at the finish.  Chocolate Milk is easy to grab anywhere and anytime I need to recover, re build and get back out there!

Felt Bicycles

My new Felt IA is my secret weapon ( although not too secret anymore!) .  I love the smooth, comfortable ride of the IA.  The bike was built to ride the Kona trade winds.  Jim Felt and the team at Felt Bicycles are working with me on maximizing my aerodynamics without compromising comfort, giving me the advantage I need in Kona.


I first tried GU Chomps just before the 2009 Ironman World Championships. I loved the flavours and was impressed by GU’s rigorous quality control. GU is now an integral part of my nutrition plan.


Xlab is the top choice of triathletes around the globe. Built on innovation for over 25 years XLAB continues to create the best products for the best job – winning Ironman Kona. Hydration and accessories you can count on for all your triathlon and cycling needs. Really excited to be working closely with the team for all my hydration needs.


It’s official. I have “made the leap” to SRAM. Fantastic product and amazing support. Alex is the man!


I love my Oakleys.   I’ve been racing in Oakley my entire career and depend on their performance  and keeping me in style.  Greg, in the US, and Sheridan, in Australia, keep me in style and help keep me looking good. As far as I’m concerned, there is nowhere up from here. Oakley products are simply the best of the best when it comes to eye protection.  I love skiing in Oakley too!


Zipp wheels are indisputably the best wheels on the market — fast, light, and responsive. I also love the fact that you can custom design your wheels to match your race kit; always a nice touch. Thanks to the team at ZIPP  for always looking after me so well!

Continental Tires

Continental race tires offer outstanding riding and racing withe the best combination of grip, low rolling (speed), puncture protection, and weight. They are made with unique German craftsmanship and technology.


Better Sleep Leads to Better Performance. Sheex is the world’s first luxury performance bed sheets. Sheex were inspired by the finest professional-quality athletic fabrics, offering a superior level of comfort and performance to help you sleep better.
Desert Mountain Club

Desert Mountain Club

The Desert Mountain Club is a private golf and recreational community that is ranked among the 10 top private residential clubs in the United States. For over two decades, Desert Mountain has offered its members one of the greatest private golf and lifestyle experiences in the world. Desert Mountain has over 15 miles of trail systems and amazing roads for cycling providing diverse amenities that the entire family can enjoy in a stunning location in Scottsdale, Ariz.


Quarq power meters are for athletes devoted to honing their craft. Delivering statistics to help you know exactly what’s going on. But not just statistics. The context to help go beyond the guess. To get beyond the uncertainty of whether your mood or emotion is calling the shots. So you can know exactly when to push, when to sit up, and when to dig deeper.

NormaTec Recovery Systems

NormaTec Recovery Systems are aggressive recovery solutions that supercharge the body’s natural ability to recover.  While you rest, NormaTec Systems simulates active recovery using their patented massage pattern—“Sequential Pulse Technology.”  Using NormaTec’s full-length leg compression boots before or after an intense workout helps rejuvenate muscle tissue and dramatically reduces tightness and soreness—meaning no more heavy legs, less downtime, and new PR’s.


ISM is a manufacturer of the most anatomical and comfortable bicycle saddles, meant to preserve blood flow, eliminate numbness, and improve performance.  Designed for health and comfort for both racing and cruising.   ISM is a proud sponsor of Mirinda Carfrae and the Kona saddle count winner.




The ReST Bed™ is the only truly smart bed: Senses pressure. Automatically responds. Reports sleep data. A ReST Bed™ helps you sleep better so that you perform better so that you live better and perform better.  I’ve been sleeping better and recovering quicker with my personalized setting.  My new secret weapon.
Allen Sports

Allen Sports

Allen Sports is dedicated to making great products simple so I can spend more time enjoying them and running and riding with Izzy! In addition to well designed, easy to use products that are affordable, Allen Sports make an extensive line of bike carriers and buke racks for all your active triathlon needs. In the end, its simple – Get outside and GO Ride!


Technogym’s mission is to help people live better by providing smart connected fitness equipment and solutions, services, content and programs. I am thrilled to have the amazing depth of product and knowledge in my day to day training. MYCYLCING takes my indoor cycling program to the next level enhancing my performance on the road. The SKILLMILL running treadmill allows me to fine tune my run and cadence and has become an essential tool in my preparation for Ironman racing. I am excited to incorporate MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™ into my workout. This innovation allows me to use the SKILLRUN as a single solution for both cardio and power training.


AltRed has unleashed a game changing phytonutrient naturally found in beets called Betalain. This powerful plant based nutrient improves oxygen delivery, mitigates lactic acid, and protects muscles from damage during activity. I use AltRed through hard training and racing. It’s safe to use and is NSF certified for Sport.
Allen Sports

Master Spas

A Master Spa H2X Fitness Swim Spa is perfect for athletes and families on the go. The H2X Fitness swim spa allows you to exercise, relax and entertain in the convenience and privacy of your backyard year round. A unique jet stream creates a smooth current of water ideal for swimming and then massage jets that offer relief from stress, aches and muscle pain. The spas can be installed in one day. Perfect solution for finding the time to focus on fitness, health and family.